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April 12, 2023

45. The Side Door Approach to Capital with Glenn and Amber Schworm

Here's one exciting episode you wouldn't want to miss!
Get your mind blown as I've got not one but two experts, a power couple, Glenn and Amber Schworm who continue to flip houses to this day as they help everyday people change their lives by teachin...

Self-funding is how most of us get started in the real estate game...and that's agreat way...

However, our own pockets start to run dry but great deals and opportunities keep coming...

How do we keep up?

Let’s join our power couple, Glenn and Amber Schworm, two experts in how to “Find, Fund, Fix, Flip and Hold” properties. They've done over 1,000 flips and now they also do buy-and-hold and short-term rentals.

They've also dialed it in on raising money to fund their deals.


  • Discover creative strategies that not many know work and prove effective for funding your deals.
  • Find out Glenn and Amber's 'side door' approach of reaching out about capital without actually having to make the 'ask' directly.
  • Master the skill of educating people and building trust quickly and get them to invest their capital and do deals with you.

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