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Welcome to the How to Raise Capital 101 Show for Real Estate Investors I’m your host, Dave Dubeau. Who is this podcast for…and who is it NOT for: This show is for active real estate investors who are wanting to do more by leveraging other people’s money…in other words, raising private capital - but they don’t know how to get started. It’s not for absolute newbies who have never done a deal before – get some basic training, do one deal, and then come back to this show. It’s also not for guys and gals who have already been in the capital raising trenches and are looking to raise millions for their next deal. What’s the Big Promise of “The How To Raise Capital 101 Show”? This show is going to help you to be able to raise 6-figures in a matter of weeks, and even 7-figures in a matter of months – even if you’ve never raised a dime of investor capital before. And best of all, you’ll be able to do it without alienating people, without going through massive rejection and without resorting to high-pressure sales tactics like cold-calling people or ‘turning every conversation into a real estate conversation’. In fact, when you follow the steps properly, you are going to get investors coming to you already eager and excited to meet with you and invest – without you having to chase after them. Why should they listen? How do we add value? The difference between this show and the other capital raising podcasts out there is that this one is really focused on the NEW capital raiser who is just getting started and wants to raise their first several hundred thousand, maybe up to 1.5 or 2 million. Most of the other podcasts in this space focus on the syndicators who are all going after the really big fish. The other difference is that what you’ll be learning here is PROVEN to work. It worked for Dave Dubeau when he raised hundreds of thousands for single family home deals – and later when he applied this framework to raise several million for multi-family projects. More importantly, it’s also worked for over 200 private clients, who, cumulatively, we’ve helped to raise over 300M for their deals…and counting. When can they expect new episodes? This show is going to come out weekly on Tuesdays and will be a combination of solo episodes, interviews with capital raising experts as well as occasional ‘hot seats’ with real estate investors who are wanting to improve their capital raising game. In each episode Dave will be unwrapping a capital raising concept and giving you actionable ideas that you can put to use right away.