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A great listen!

Dave is very knowledgeable and I learnt a great deal from the training session I attended with regards to raising capital. Highly recommend!!


Dave is great at raising capital and showing other how to do the same. His well of knowledge runs very, very deep. Well worth your time if you need to learn how to raise capital.

Raising Capital Made Simple

I have attended two of Dave’s workshops (One in person and one digital). I also have Dave to thank for bribing a group of us investors together to help us co-author a book on Real Estate investing to help us further our investing career. Dave does a great job of showing people who have never raised capital before (on done it poorly) a simple system for doing it well with a proven track record of success.

The King of Raising Capital

I’ve been following and listening to Dave for over 10 years now. When it comes to understanding the art of raising capital, no one does it better! The #1 hedge against inflation is additional skills. This is a skillset everyone should have in their toolbox and a skill Dave knows how to teach! I’m excited to dive deep into each of these podcasts with his guests. Gary

Solid Info That Stands The Test of Time

Dave takes a complicated topic and breaks it down into manageable steps. He's relatable and approachable, an easy listen.

A wealth of wisdom about the timeless subject of raising capital.

Dave Dubeau has been active in real estate investing for decades. I’ve been reading his material and listening to Dave for almost two decades myself. This podcast is a wealth of wisdom about the timeless subject of raising capital. Thank you Dave for sharing this with all of us!

Wealth of Knowledge

I’ve known Dave for years and he’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to real estate investing. I love how his podcast is able to help other real estate investors from making costly mistakes while also saving a TON of time by leveraging his experience. Highly recommend subscribing to this podcast if you’re a real estate investor.

Bite size learning

The podcast was clear and comprehensible. I like that it is in bite size learning modules.


Wow, I've listened to a few of these now, and they are jam packed with valuable information about raising capital. Great tidbits of knowledge and experience included here to help any investor get to the next level!

Realestate Capital Raising Podcast

This podcast is clear and concise with some very good advice on how to raise capital for your Realestate investments.

Great information!

The two biggest problems real estate investors have are finding deals and funding their deals. If investors are successful at finding deals, they simply run out of cash or the ability to borrow money from traditional lending institutions at some point. That is why learning to raise capital from individuals is so important to their business growth. Dave makes it easy to understand and implement the steps necessary to become a pro at raising private money in a professional way. I highly recommend this show. He's the real deal.

Not a real estate investor. This makes sense.

As my title says, I am not a real estate investor. This podcast makes sense to me. I enjoyed learning what it takes to raise capital and can see myself doing this. Dave knows what he is doing. I trust him.

If You Want to Own More Real Estate, Start with Dave Dubeau

Having an arsenal of strategies to help you crack the real estate code is invaluable. However, knowing which strategies to apply to your own real estate situation is where Dave shines head and shoulders above anybody else. If he hasn’t “been there, done that” personally he has helped someone who has. Dave’s show has an “Institutional Catalogue of Solutions” for getting you your next property, and the one after that.

Love the podcast!

This money raising podcast has something to offer everyone no matter what level you are in your investing career

Dave’s Strategies Work!

Dave’s strategies work! Following his system built confidence. Partners started coming to me and I didn't have to feel like a “sale person. Dave taught me how to reconnecting to my already existing network.

Real estate investing is key to financial freedom

I have been following Dave’s teaching for a while. He is spot on in his teaching and genuinely wants to help those interested in real estate investing. It really is the only recession proof investment. Im ready to dig in and Build my own portfolio.

Excellent outline of the full webinar

This podcast, the Capital 101 Show for Real Estate Investors is a section by section outline of Dave’s full day webinar which he periodically presents on line. Dave embodies a genuine excitement for the topic of marketing to raise investor interest for real estate deals. In these episodes, Dave touches on all the hi lites of his Investor Attraction program. He Connects with listeners by relating to them in a down to Earth style. Some of the episodes even include testimonials from folks who have completed his full course. I am also someone who completed the course with success. Dave shows you how to use “edutainment” to capture and hold people’s attention. He shows you how to break down your presentation and keep it simple. His staff is responsive and caring in helping clients through every phase of the program. For people new to Dave’s marketing program, this podcast is a good way to obtain a quick overview of how the program can help you raise money for your real estate deals. For folks who have completed the program, listening to these episodes is a good refresher that helps prevent fizzling out. They remind me of the importance of consistency in marketing to capture and maintain investors’ interest in my deals.

The G.O.A.T.

Dave is second to none when it comes to dialing in and getting full clarity on your R/E goals. Well respected for his track record and integrity. Be sure to check out his podcast and leave a review to say thanks 🚀🚀🚀

Dave knows his stuff

Excellent information from a knowledgeable person. I’ve learned so much from Dave.

Dave is a wealth of Knowledge & a Solid professional

Dave is truly a wealth of knowledge when it comes to marketing ideas on how to raise capital for real estate. I attended his session many years ago and found it extremely valuable and it helped me raise capital for few of my joint ventures aswell. If you are an investor or trying to be one, you definitely want to get in touch with Dave and take up on one of his upcoming courses and you would thank me that you listened. Thank you Dave for all that you do! Salute!! Sumit Mehra

Learn from the master of capital raising

A great resource for the real estate investor looking to raise money. Rather than trying to figure it put yourself tune in to Dave’s advice, tactics and strategies and get a jump on expanding your portfolio.

Easy Listening to Valuable Action Steps

Great new podcast by Dave. His knowledge, experience and as an expert educator created an amazing source for steps to raising capital. Excellent content, easy and actionable combined with the perfect length per episode makes for a series you would love to review anytime.

Solid Content

Thanks for providing value.

A True Leader

David Dubeau is a true leader when it comes to real estate. His podcast "How to Raise Capital 101 Show" is another one of his masterpieces. I loved everything he mentioned in his show. He never ceases to amaze me. Keep up the great work!

Awesome podcast!

Great content Dave! A great podcast for anyone looking to invest in real estate and learn how to leverage the right way!


He knows what he is talking about. It's very insightful, informative and educational! Thank you!

A must for ANY real estate investor

Dave's method of helping investors raise capital is the 'ticket' for any investor being able to build a dream portfolio...and help those who help you. It's the best win/win going!

great stuff

loved, loved, loved having dave on the tv show, he is a wealth of knowledge for anyone who wants to play the investing game and needs to money to do it...i highly recommend listening to what he has to say, whether its his podcasts, courses etc

Great Content, Highly Valuable

Nice work Dave, lots of practical and actionable lessons shared.

Locating your Ideal Investors

Great information. This is a must listen to for anyone wanting to build a Real Estate Investing Business, or take their own investments beyond what their credit can get them.